starting Point

Everything has a starting point—life, relationships, education, career.

But sometimes we forget that faith has a starting point as well.

By the time we’re adults, most of us have made up our minds

about faith. But the faith we form or inherit when we’re young

doesn’t always stand up to the pressures of life. What if it were

possible to explore faith freely and ask the questions we all

have? What if it were possible to wipe the slate clean and work

together to find a new starting point for faith?

Are you new to church, or are you back in church for the first time in a long time? Our Starting Point class may be just perfect for you. 

Do you have questions about faith, God, or the Bible? No problem, you can ask all your questions here in a safe, no judgment atmosphere. Starting Point is the perfect place to get started!

Starting Point is currently in session. Check back here for the dates and registration of our next Starting Point Class. 

Contact April Mack at with questions.