The Pathway

At Grace our mission is to glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commission. The purpose of the pathway is to help you live out this mission in your life. You can identify where you are on the pathway and then identify what are the steps you need to take to move to the next step. When you reach point 6, you can begin to walk the pathway again with someone else, realizing that you never “arrive.” Walking the pathway with someone else is living on mission!

If you are ready to take a next step. Check out the "Next Steps" section of our site!

  • Crowd

    The crowd represents unsaved and unchurched people in our community. Matthew 14:13-21

    Next Steps: Coming to know Christ as Savior, following His example of believer’s baptism.

  • Congregation

    As Jesus walked this earth He had committed followers who weren't a part of the 12 disciples. When Jesus left this earth there were still 120 people following Him. This was the congregation. To be a part of the congregation involves salvation, baptism, and church membership through our All In class. Acts 1:12-15

  • Committed

    Within the group of 120 was a committed group of 70 that did ministry with Jesus. To take the step of being committed involves serving in a ministry of GFC, faithfully attending a ministry of GFC (kids, youth, the Well, Celebrate Recovery), and trusting God in tithing and giving of your income. Luke 10:1-20

  • Community

    Jesus had 12 disciples that He did life with as He walked this earth. It's important that we allow ourselves to know others and be known by others as we go through life. Doing life with people at GFC happens best in the context of a life group. Matthew 10:1-4

  • Core

    There were multiple moments where Jesus took Peter, James, and John and spent extra intentional time with them to prepare them to lead in ministry. He had a group, within the group, that had a purpose of preparing these 3 to lead. To be involved in the core is getting involved in a discipleship group, which is a group within a life group. Matthew 26:36-37

  • Calling

    As Jesus was ascending back to Heaven He was giving the 11 the mission to carry out. As someone moves to this final step in the pathway they are now called to live out the mission of glorifying God by fulfilling the Great Commission. The step of calling involves leading others through the pathway, leading a life group, involved in missions and involved in personal evangelism.