As we look ahead at the future of Grace Fellowship Church, we see so much to be excited about! In late 2018 we purchased property at 325 Youngstown Warren Rd. in Niles. We are asking that at 3:25 PM you set an alarm to remind you to pray with us for God to work in our church and to help provide for this move. We also ask that you pray specifically for our Senior Pastor Roy as he battles cancer. Let us know on social media where you're at when you pray by using the hashtag #325PRAYFORGRACE

Progress Report

Feb. 2019- We are moving forward with construction documents (blueprints) and Pastor Matt is meeting once per week with our Architects to finalize the plans. The estimated date to have these construction documents completed is May 20, 2019.


Thank you for your contributions to the All In for the Glory of God campaign! 

These donations will be going to the building at our 325 property. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are we calling our new property until it’s officially Grace Fellowship Church?

A: The 325. 


Q: How big is 325?

A: 30,000 sq. ft inside. 26 acres outside. Lots of room to grow. 


Q: Do we own 325?

A: We borrowed funds from Farmers National Bank to purchase this facility that we are determined to pay off as soon as possible. Yes, we have the keys and are the owners. 


Q: When are we moving from our current location at the Eastwood Mall complex?

A: Our last weekend here at Grace will be April 21, 2019 and our last day at our current facility will be April 23, 2019


Q: Where are we going until our new building is ready?

A: LaBrae High School: 1001 N. Leavitt Rd NW, Leavittsburg, OH 44430. 

It’s just 4 exits past our current location west off of Route 82. 


Q: How long will we be at LaBrae?

A: That depends. Our time at LaBrae High School will be determined by how quickly we raise funds to help construct our new church home. 


Q: Where are we in the renovation/construction process? What’s the timeline?

A: We have site plan, floor plan, elevations and renderings completed (check out the picture above). We will be moving to the construction drawing phase very soon to complete the final blueprint for our new church. Our timeline is directly tied to our ability to raise funds to get the project moving full steam ahead.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...